Bright and Early Burrito

TenleytownRound two of the challenge began with a much earlier Saturday than any of our journeymen burrito eaters are accustomed to enduring. Phil and Aaron were kind enough to awake before 9am after a night of various types of revelry in order to really earn their burritos by first sitting through my soccer game.  This was strategically planned to stay on schedule since Woodrow Wilson HS is mere blocks from the Tenleytown Chipotle. Good thing the best remedy for a grueling loss is … carnitas!

Tenleytown Chipotle

Corner of Wisconsin Ave. and Warren St.

In our second stop we all shook things up from our usual, which ended up in two orders of barbacoa, one carnitas, and some communal chips and guac. As hungry as we all were, I was extremely pleased that after finding a residential parking space one block off Wisconsin, we were able to just beat an insane rush of lunch-goers including some cute girls in first communion dresses. The puzzling design choice in this location was this space ship light fixture, which strikes me as oddly 70’s retro for Chipotle’s modern industrial style.

Spaceship light

70's Spaceship Light

  • Today’s menu: Carnitas burrito bowl, black beans, tomatillo-red, corn salsa, cheese, s/c, guacamole, and lettuce.
  • Speed through the line: B-
  • Parking considering proximity to Wisconsin Ave: A+
  • Baffling comment of the day: “So do they give you the rice on the side?”

Location Tip: If you don’t already have a WAWSL soccer game to go observe, try checking out if Malia Obama has a youth game on the fields next door where you can picnic with the Secret Service. Conversely, if you aren’t into the world’s greatest game, take your burrito over to AU’s campus and argue with a SIS grad student about the futility vs. utility of the UN.

To all you burrito-loving readers out there, let me know what kind of Chipotle highlights you are looking for and what you want to see as we count down the remaining 18 locations in the future.

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  1. HDRider says:

    Why don’t you go crazy…mix it up a bit and have a taco!

  2. COberg says:

    Gentlemen, when you are ready for the Chipotle on Duke Street in Alexandria, hit me up. That’s right around the block from my place.

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