Report Card: A visit to the DMV

Faxes. Nature's Greatest Mystery.

Earlier this week I had to visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and get a new driver’s license. While I was there, I had some technical issues and had to get on the phone with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and get a driver’s record faxed down the eastern seaboard. Given that we posted Marshall’s Terrible Awful No Good Very Bad Day at the NPS, I thought I’d report on my experience with our local government.

Everyone I talked with was very pleasant. The gentleman behind the counter (I didn’t get his name, unfortunately) was brusque but professional, he volunteered some help at one point, and he did what he could to get me through there with a cheerful businesslike manner. I appreciated his professionalism, and his help.

The woman at the MBMV (childish jokes in the comments, please) was likewise very pleasant to deal with. I was on the phone with her for about ten minutes, and she got me everything I needed quickly, and at one point made me smile. All in all, I was there for about an hour, and while I wouldn’t do it again for fun, it wasn’t painful. I had done a lot of prep work, reviewing the requirements for Virginia’s licences, and while they’re complex, it’s not impenetrable or arbitrary. Overall the report card is: surprisingly pleasant. So thanks to those public servants who actually served this small portion of the public.

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