Orange: From Baseball-Related Vulgarity to Haikus

To many people the color orange is nothing more than the national color of the Netherlands and the color that occurs at a wavelength of 585–620 nanometers.  To me it is much more.  Well at least two things more:  the color of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team and the color of, for my money, the best fruit juice on the planet.

Orange and Baseball-Related Vulgarity

A common narrative exists that American culture is more vulgar today that it has ever been, that every form of popular media has some gratuitous combination of profanity, sex, and violence.  I would contend that our society is no more vulgar now than it was in the past, we just didn’t have the technological capabilities to broadcast the profane messages we all love.

Case and point, look at Earl Weaver.  A Hall of Fame baseball manager, he led the orange-clad Baltimore Orioles to a World Series victory and four American League Pennants.  By all accounts he was an “old-school” guy.  Now, listen to this clip(NSFW), and tell me America is more vulgar today than it was 40 years ago.  After all, we all know, like James Earl Jones told us in Field of Dreams, baseball is a symbol for America, and Moonlight Graham didn’t buy all of those hats for his wife, they were actually for his various mistresses.  America has always been vulgar.

Orange Haiku

And now for the Haiku segment of the post.  I think this haiku is particularly enjoyable to say in your head on a sunny morning as you enjoy a delicious glass of orange juice (or orange fruit) for breakfast.

The orange falls down,
waiting to become someone’s
tasty breakfast treat.

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