Caption Contest! Vol I

Introducing a new feature – Caption Contest! We’ll post a picture of something, usually to do with our fair city, and you provide the caption. Best caption will be voted on by the staff.

This week we have this lovely shot of a crowded Metro train courtesy of Base 10. Now what are these two folks thinking?

Metro Couple


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6 Responses to Caption Contest! Vol I

  1. Aaron says:

    Man: “MMMMM so glad I wore that Pina Colada deodorant today. Yum. Can’t wait for happy hour! I’m gonna drink so many Pina Colada’s! The tropics are the best!”

    Woman: “Did he just fart a pineapple?”

    Ok, Setting the bar low here. Ladies and gents, your turn to do better.

  2. Jerome On a Bike says:

    Male human: “Why won’t she stop looking at me? Is she going to attack me? I don’t see her claws yet. I’m safe. For now.”

    Female human: “As soon as he looks away, I tear into him. Soon. Sooooon.”

  3. Thomas Merrill says:

    Woman: “Which direction for foggy bottom? I’m not used to switching here in the morning…”

    Man: giggle “Not a tourist. Must be a Friday morning walk of shame.”

  4. smasherjane says:

    Mr.Smiley: ohmigod, i hope that photographer can see my dimples from his angle. right is sooooo my photogenic side.

    Zombiegirl: Must… not… bite… elbow…

  5. Devin says:

    Him: Ha! She seriously thought I’d be interested? Come on, I work at HHS–I can do SO much better than that.

    Her: God. I’m so sick of these pretentious government assholes that think it’s okay to fend a lady off with their elbows.

  6. Ali says:

    Man: Should I tell her she’s not really holding onto a handrail down there? Nah…..

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