One Down, Nineteen to Go

Me at Rosslyn

Birthday burrito!

Rosslyn Chipotle
1st Stop – Rosslyn Chipotle

The D.C. Beltway Chipotle Challenge began last week with a spot close to home. As you should be able to tell from this picture of the two most recognized landmarks in Rosslyn, the WJLA-TV (local ABC affiliate) building and Chipotle at the corner of Wilson and Lynn (never mind that pesky Iwo Jima Memorial), the challenge began in the Old Dominion state.

Having not been to the Rosslyn restaurant in the past despite its close proximity, I will have to say I was not overwhelmed with this particular location. It’s slightly small so the seating is a bit more limited, not that it was a problem at 4pm on a Sunday. My only real complaint was the slightly scant helping of each burrito component, like they were building just some regular restaurant’s burrito. Now, I am as concerned about the obesity rate in this country as anyone else, but when I get a Chipotle I want it to responsibly and healthily count as two meals for me. I have the image of the perfect servings of beans, salsa, and sour cream all memorized thanks to the unbelievable consistency in how almost every employee spoons them ever so speedily. So when it is even slightly off, I pathetically am going to notice. However, the food was delicious and fresh as ever, the weather was as nice as Miami, and it was generally a great start to the challenge at hand.

PicantePants and Aaron

Strolling up N. Lynn St.

  • Today’s menu: Started with the “regular”: Chicken burrito, black beans, tomatillo-red salsa, corn salsa, cheese, s/c, and lettuce.
  • Deliciousness: A-
  • Ambiance: B
  • Ingredient spooning precision: C+

Location Tip: Get your burrito to go and head over to Gateway Park on a summer Friday afternoon for a picnic before this season’s “I Love the 90’s” outdoor moviefest, Edward Scissorhands is showing on May 21st. *General Chipotle tip: I am not one of those people who is obsessed with putting lemons in my Coke, but there is something about that refreshing combination countering the tomatillo-red salsa that raises my burrito eating experience to new heights.

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  1. andyg123 says:

    Every Chipotle I’ve ever been to in my life had the exact same ambiance–I give them all a C for being completely, perfectly average.

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