(Belatedly) Pass de Progress on de Left Hand Side

Dcist reports that the D.C Council voted unanimously today to finally legalize medical marijuana in the District.

The legislation allows between five and eight medical pot distribution centers to open inside the District, provided they are not located within 300 feet of any school or youth center. Patients will not be permitted to grow their own marijuana at home.

D.C. voters approved a referendum legalizing medical marijuana over 11 years ago. But interference from Congress prevented the city from implementing the law until now.

I’m glad it only took 11 YEARS for medicine to be legally available. This still doesn’t jive with the DEA’s official position:

The proposition that smoked marijuana is “medicine” is, in sum, false – trickery used by those promoting wholesale legalization. When a statute dramatically reducing penalties for “medical” marijuana took effect in Maryland in October 2003, a defense attorney noted that “[t]here are a whole bunch of people who like marijuana who can now try to use this defense.” The attorney observed that lawyers would be “neglecting their clients if they did not try to find out what ‘physical, emotional or psychological’” condition could be enlisted to develop a defense to justify a defendant’s using the drug. “Sometimes people are self-medicating without even realizing it,’” he said.68

Ed Rosenthal, senior editor of High Times, a pro-drug magazine, once revealed the legalizer strategy behind the “medical” marijuana movement. While addressing an effort to seek public sympathy for glaucoma patients, he said, “I have to tell you that I also use marijuana medically. I have a latent glaucoma which has never been diagnosed. The reason why it’s never been diagnosed is because I’ve been treating it.” He continued, “I have to be honest, there is another reason why I do use marijuana . . . and that is because I like to get high. Marijuana is fun.”

Fun and medically helpful? The horror. Thankfully the costly war on drugs has done so much to keep this scourge from our shores. Oh wait.

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