Hockey Players? Regular Guys!

Lord A'Mighty, This Here Dirt-Train is Sweeter than Pecan Pie!

The Caps may have had an early exit from the playoffs, but DC Sports Bog shows that the players are real good guys. The kind of men who take the kids to see the sights. Who will call the next morning.  Or will stop and change a tire for strangers, after a crushing loss.

So the Wangemanns were driving home to Ashburn, and they got on the Roosevelt Bridge, trying to remain optimistic about the future of the team. Then they hit a pothole and got a flat tire. Perfect ending to the night.  [ . . . ]

Finally, an SUV slowed down ahead of them and pulled over. And then Brooks Laich got out and asked if he could help.

Since the AAA folks were already on the way, Mary Ann asked Brooks — whom she immediately recognized — if he’d just wait with them by the side of the road. Instead, he asked whether they had a spare. Mary Ann said they did. So he took off his jacket — he was still wearing his postgame suit — got out the tire, and started jacking up the car.

What a mensch! Brooks talked to reporters, and confirmed the story. How many cities can say they have great athletes who are also great people? Hint: not all of them.

This comes on the heels of the Bog’s revelation in March that newly acquired Scott Walker, or as I call him, Country Mouse, was plumb thrilled with this here dirt train! That’s right, a pro hockey player who regularly uses Metro.

“My family, mom and dad, they asked me, ‘Well, what’s it like, what’s the makeup?’ ” Walker later said. “And I said ‘Well, it’s mostly people headed to work or home from work or to school or whatever they do.’ I said ‘They just go about their business, not really much chit-chatting. Just people jump on, do a few stops and they’re off.’ It’s pretty interesting to see and it’s amazing to me how it works. So for a small city kid it was pretty exciting, and now I’m so glad, because now it’s so much easier to get around for me.”

But, Vya pointed out, as his toothless smile becomes more famous around town, it won’t be as easy for Walker to slide anonymously into a seat.

“I’ll put my teeth in,” he suggested. “Got to disguise it.”

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