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Crosswords and Caffeine: A Mental Health Double Whammy

Good news! Drinking coffee can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases. As an avid coffee drinker (an average of 3 cups per day), I can’t help but get excited over the news: Granted, I do have caffeine pills for when I don’t … Continue reading

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“Resist Honoring the Institution”

In honor of Memorial Day last year, Will Wilkinson posted this scene from The Americanization of Emily.  I’m posting again this year because the message is so important.  I apologize for the break, but watch both clips; the entire scene … Continue reading

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Pigliucci on the libertarian denial of climate change

Massimo Pigliucci wonders why libertarians, on average, deny climate change at a higher rate than others. I’ve had my disagreements with Pigliucci in the past, in which I’ve been mostly irritated by his strong assertions about economics, despite his apparent … Continue reading

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Arizona SB 1070 Protest in Dupont Circle

I was walking around Dupont Circle on Saturday, and coincidentally saw a protest against Arizona’s recent tyrannical immigration bill.  I was in good position to capture a short clip of the march.

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Burrito Doubleheader: Part One – Crystal City

Purposefully got started nice and early this week in preparation for back to back burrito nights for an already packed week with a “Southern Gentleman” visiting. This visit was in fact planned so much on the fly, that Aaron had … Continue reading

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An apology to Xeni Jardin

I owe Xeni Jardin an apology. 

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I once lived in Adam’s Morgan. It was at once fun (brunches, bikes, good beers, North Sea Carryout [which delivers beer, wine and Nelly’s Pimp Juice]) and awful (I got hit by a car on my bike, saw a kid … Continue reading

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In Memorium

Thanks to all the men and women who’ve served.

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Hip Hop’s #1 Energy Drink!

I’ve found some wonderful things about Nelly’s Pimp Juice, hip-hop’s #1 energy drink. For starters, it was inspired by this song (below) by Nelly, who co-owns the drink.  You can buy PJ Tight for a low-carb alternative, or go grape with … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

If you’re anything like me, you may find discovering new music and movies a bit intimidating. To ease the risk factor, I’ll share my thoughts on new movies I watch so you know what you’re getting into beforehand.  The goal … Continue reading

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